How to do outdoor adventure in Hanmer Springs!

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In a part of the South Island that is known for it's beauty - from hot pools to mountains, forests and rivers, there is no way the more adventurous visitors are going to be happy with mini-golf and wineries.

And yes, there are plenty of outdoor activities that are more likely to get your adrenalin pumping to choose from! 


Let's start with one of the most popular outdoor activities in Hanmer Springs - mountainbiking. We've already written a handy blog post with some of the best trails to discover, and you can find that post right here.

Bungy Jumping

Amazing as it seems, you don't have to go all the way down to Queenstown for a great bungy jumping experience. You can jump off a 135 historic bridge right here in Hanmer! Check out what the team at Hanmer Springs Attractions have in store for you. The price is $169 per person (adult or child, same price) and there is a tandem option as well. You get a certificate and a tee shirt as part of the price, and you can order photographs of your experience for an additional cost. Minimum age to jump is 12 years and minimum weight is 35kg. 

The location is just before you head into Hanmer Springs township and you can find out more (or book) through the website linked above. If you book online, you also get a 20% discount for a session at the hot pools. 


Jetboating is one of those activities that New Zealand has claimed as it's own, thanks to the innovation of the jet engine, developed by kiwi Bill Hamilton of HamiltonJet fame. That means jetboats are the perfect way to travel in our shallow gravel based rivers - while throwing in plenty of thrills and turns to keep everyone interested! 

In Hanmer you can book your jetboat ride on the Waiau River with Hanmer Springs Attractions at $125 per adult, $70 per child, or check out what the team at Amuri Jet have to offer. They have plenty of packages and a number of different trip options to pick from.

White Water Rafting

If you love the rush of fast moving river water carrying you along - without the aid of jet engines, then rafting is your ideal adventure activity. You'll be helmeted and life jacketed up, and it no doubt helps if you are a confident swimmer in case of any spills. The river has Grade 2 rapids (if that means anything to you) as well as calmer waters. The team at Hanmer Spring Attractions operate the local rafting operation, so you can book online or at their booking office in Hanmer Village.

Quad Motorbiking aka Mud Plug

If you don't mind some nice cleansing mud, and you enjoy the feeling of heading for the hills - any time of year, try booking a 4WD motorbike adventure. You can choose to go Quad Biking with Hanmer Springs Attractions, or with the Hanmer Springs Adventure Centre. It's a two hour experience around a custom built, on farm 25km track. Group and corporate rate options are available.