The Perfect Girl's Weekend in Hanmer Springs

  • Girls Weekend Hanmer Springs

It's time to relax and unwind, away from the demands of work, house, family, pets, whatever ... and hang out with your female friends for a weekend.

We all know what that will entail - lots of talking, food, drink (no doubt) and some relaxing walks, maybe a massage or a facial, perhaps a dip in the pools or a spa.

So there is no better place for getting away from it all - but with your besties, than Hanmer Springs.

Step 1: Work out who's coming along for the weekend

Step 2: Decide on the perfect weekend - not school holidays of course! (And we recommend the winter months because they are usually a little quieter around the village)

Step 3: Book your accommodation (we might be biased but our self contained motel units are awesome and you can book two side by side)


Step 4: Decide if you are going to self cater or get others to do the cooking for you (see our restaurants page) - and work out who is bringing what goodies along.

Step 5: Check out some of the local wineries if you need to stock up on supplies on route, or as an outing once you are all settled in.

Step 6: Book our onsite outdoor woodfired hot tubs - you can fit 5 adults into each one and the price is super affordable. Which means you can relax with your friends and your favourite drinks as long as you like! 

Wood Fired Hot Tubs


Step 7: Have the best time ever - and rebook for your next escape before you leave!


Hanmer Springs girls weekend