Long after man has perished, the land will remain.
Like a tree the spirit of Kaitiakitanga starts with a seed and spreads outward.

Kaitiakitanga encompasses the guardianship and protection of the land for future generations. It is our commitment to the delivery of our 100% pure promise in New Zealand.

Within our Park we embrace this and press forward with our sustainability initiatives with the aim of enhancing our environment. We place great value on the guardianship of our land - are mindful of its management - and endeavour to foster it for future generations.

Manaakitanga speaks of our welcome, respect and responsibility. We actively promote the concept of interaction and sharing with you. It is ingrained in our culture.

What is the most important thing in the world? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata. People, people, people.

Our Commitment

We have sustainability accreditation through Tourism Industry Aotearoa and within our park we are constantly looking at the way we do everything. This encompasses energy efficiency, waste management, water conservation, conservation and community. We have many initiatives within the Park and they include


Within the Park we recycle aluminium, glass, plastic, paper, cardboard and batteries.

Conserve energy and water

In addition to building energy efficient facilities and buildings, we have installed devices that reduce electricity and water used. These include solar power and sensored lighting.


We will continue to plant mainly New Zealand natives throughout our Park; this in turn conserves water use as they require minimal watering. We hope to encourage native bird life into our Park, we are fortunate to have Bellbird and Tui in the Park. We use natural material and colours to enhance our natural landscape and buildings, as the Park is developed it is our intention to create a New Zealand feel within our Park.

We encourage our guests to recycle where ever possible, be mindful when running taps also to turn lights and heaters off when they go out.


We promote responsible tourism to our staff, encouraging sustainable practices.

We wish to embrace the principles of Kaitiatanga and Manaakitanga. It is our wish that our country touches the people that visit. Together we can make a difference.

Keep it natural, keep it real - it is your time.